A lifetime of carefully curated possessions
stacked neatly along the bare white walls of the
multi-functional second bedroom screams
out to its owner – YOU ARE VALUABLE.

You see, they say, you are in each and every one of us.
Paintings and prints from various travels scattered about,
poured over photo albums you spent hours organizing,
enough stationary and cards to write letters to eternity
something she often thinks of doing, but rarely ever does.

As she stares more deeply into her hodgepodge
of possessions, an eclectic theme emerges.
Among the plastic bins, cardboard boxes and
shabby chic furniture ala Target, she sees for the first time,
her attachment to her beloved trinkets, tchotchkes and totems.

You’re pretty. Says her vintage 1950s lamp, with its hour glass figure
and pale pink shade.
You’re elegant. Says her art nouveau Tiffany style
lamp with a mermaid base.
You’re free. Says her 1960s trunk covered in peace signs.
You’re smart. Says the boxes of work papers and business cards.
You’re seen. Says the black and white sketch of herself by a guy named Thor.
You’re loved. Says all the photos, journals and jewels.

YOU ARE VALUABLE. Says all the things staring back at her.
You don’t need us to remind you of that.
You don’t need us.  Let us go.  Clear space.

Now, go make art, says the 36-count box of sharpies.
Her latest purchase sitting on top of it all.