Client Testimonials

“My deepest intentions for those who work with me are to find peace and harmony and create a life of passion, purpose and belonging.”

~ Shannon Sathya Rose

I had an amazing retreat with Shannon recently! I shared the experience with one other friend and in addition to Shannon we had another facilitator.  I only met Shannon once previously over Zoom, but I immediately felt comfortable and safe with her and the other facilitator. They were so loving, so kind, and very in tune with what we each needed. They guided us through various meditations, visualizations, and somatic experiences and shared with us shamanic teachings and wisdom. I came with a very specific intention of what I hoped to get out of the experience, and I got exactly that. I feel very blessed that Shannon and I crossed paths and feel that it was truly meant to be! I hold what I learned close to my heart and I use what I learned on a daily basis. It has truly elevated my life to a higher vibration.


~ George, Psychologist, San Francisco

“Shannon is an incredibly gifted healer and a very nurturing facilitator. Her warmth emanates and instantly makes you feel at ease. I felt cared for and guided throughout her healing sessions and retreats. Shannon’s intuitive abilities, coupled with her wisdom and knowledge, created an atmosphere of trust that allowed for deep physical, emotional, and soul healing. Working with Shannon is nothing short of magic. She has a fan as well as a regular client in me for life. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your rainbow light with me. Namaste!”


~ Kathleen, Reiki Practitioner, Sausalito, CA.

“Having known Shannon for now more than two years, I have been introduced to worlds that I once only vaguely knew existed. Shannon has helped me to open my heart and trust the knowledge, wisdom and love that emanates from that part of my being. Working with different types of nature’s medicine has opened many areas of my emotional, spiritual and psychic being that were once either hidden from sight or dormant for a long time. I am learning to trust beyond my rational understanding and can more easily connect to many types of personalities. Working in large or smaller, more intimate, groups with Shannon has provided a sense of community and belonging. Shannon holds the container into which you pour you soul and watch as your and others’ energies combine to create a nourishing and wholesome vessel. Shannon’s experience, her inner wisdom and overflowing heart can be the key that unlocks the door to your psychic being and your divine purpose. Meeting her has changed my life in such a positive and fulfilling way.”


~ Stephen A., Fairfax, CA

“I gained a deeper understanding of myself and experienced a much more expedited way of working through things by really clearing out the noise and getting to the heart of issues.  Working with Shannon you feel very safe. It was transformative for my marriage and opened up a new level of work for me on friendships and trusting people. She really radiates confidence and support. That is important when you are feeling in a vulnerable position to have someone who you trust. She is also bound by a discretion that you feel very secure that she will protect your privacy.”


~ L. L., Santa Fe, NM

“Shannon held a space for me to move beyond what I could have conceived of.  Her presence, professionalism and loving essence nurtured my body to let go and release into a realm of love that healed my heart.  After working with Shannon I returned to my marriage with a sense of calm and ease that I hadn’t felt before.  If I hadn’t been in her presence in this way I might not have been able to truly embrace my heart’s longing for wholeness and healing.  Shannon is truly exquisite and implicitly trustworthy.  I would send the world to her if I could.


~ Jordan M., Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Shannon has given me greater clarity, calmness and insight into how I interact with the people who have the biggest emotional impact – positive and negative – in my life. The result has been more stability, more honest communication, and more sharing of my feelings in a positive way. My relationship with my children has definitely improved and is now deeper and more meaningful than before. Also, my relationship with myself is generally more positive and I am able to embrace my personal challenges with a little more love and calmness. I would likely still be just “hanging on in quiet desperation” rather than moving forward in a new and exciting direction.


Shannon is a unique soul with great insight into life. She is kind, warm, caring and wise. She helps bring people’s natures into the light, so they can be seen and see themselves the way they are meant to.”


~ J. S., San Francisco, CA

Shannon makes space to become more of who we are and to fully inhabit your body and life. She provides the skill set and tools to hang with the hard stuff and the ability to walk with one foot in the shadows and one foot in the light…She lovingly disarms people and identifies that which no longer serves or works for you. She helps you get free.  Free from the imprisonment of family, cultural, economic, and political systems and concepts. She’s thoughtful, reflective, loving, expressive, grounding, sensually alive – she guides you to fall in love with yourself again.


~ Lynnea B., San Rafael, CA

“I highly enjoyed my experience working with Shannon, it was heart opening and the equivalent to years of therapy in a condensed time frame. I look forward to working together again in the future!”


~ Brooke, Santa Fe, NM

“Shannon is a gifted guide when working with groups and individuals. She does a beautiful job of holding space for both group and individual transformation. As a result of my work with Shannon, I have developed a deeper understanding of the complexities of myself.  Because of this understanding I have better been able to meet myself and others with compassion. This compassion supports true connection with both self and others. I am very grateful for this work and offer many thanks to Shannon for supporting it.”


~ Anonymous, Santa Fe, NM

Shannon is exceptional at creating an inviting, safe and courageous space to do the deep inner work necessary to transform and change.  I have worked with her to help me clear obstacles that are getting in my way so I can be on a path with more freedom and joy.  She has a magical way of communicating messages from parts of the world and realms that can’t easily be seen. I trust her capacity to guide from a loving, spiritually-connected space.  She’s very committed to her clients’ growth and in every experience with her I enjoy interacting with the compassionate and playful soul that she is. Thank you Shannon – it’s always a journey 🙂  


~ Heidi K., San Fransisco, CA

I was able to release old patterns that no longer serve me and found that the true state of being is pure joy.  I could physically feel the patterns of not-being-enough tugged from my body and replaced with laughter and love. So much has opened up in terms of my connection to the divine Source within me and I am able to get out of my own way to create the life I want. The work with Shannon helped propel things so much more quickly.  It was like a year or more worth of therapy and spiritual development in two days!  Shannon creates a beautiful container for self-discovery and healing.  Through her energy work, intake interview, intuition, and even magic she helps to create the exact experience that you need at that time.   I felt completely safe and well taken care of throughout my time with her”


~ Sarah P., Santa Fe, NM

“Shannon set the tone for a loving, grounded connection between us as a couple. In one day with Shannon we made more progress than we did in over a year in couple’s therapy! Guided by her loving presence, we were able to connect to the true essence of our self and joint love. Working with Shannon is fun, transformational, and life/love changing.”


~ A.G. and C.G, Salt Lake City, UT

“2020 was a hard year on so many levels- the separation from family and friends, the uncertainty of the world near and far, the stress of not knowing when so many of the connections that nourish me would be possible again. Shannon led a fabulous, COVID-safe retreat for me and a few friends where we were able to go deeper into our work. For me, beautiful connections revealed themselves and helped me realize on a deep and visceral level how much love and beauty is in my world. The journey helped me know this, not in an abstract or purely intellectual way, but down to my core. I left the journey with a wellspring for myself and others, that has continued to sustain me.”


~ Meghan M., Santa Fe, NM

“Shannon is the real deal. I’ve worked with energy workers and healers for years, always with a hint of doubt that they know completely what they are doing. Not Shannon, her intuition and guidance, which comes from a mixture and depth of knowledge and ancient teachers, has been spot on. My husband commented to me the other day that I looked younger, and I have more energy, and am more conscious of what I’m seeing in the spirit after just 2-months of working with Shannon! I am so grateful for the loving and generous space Shannon holds for me.”


~ Pamela C., Portland, OR

“Shannon is an amazing intuitive coach. She creates a safe space that allows for vulnerability and deep soul searching, and brings clarity and understanding through a variety of coaching techniques and creative tools. She’s been able to feel her way into situations I’ve brought her, and we’ve worked through them with surprising results. After a session with Shannon, I feel like I’ve just stepped out of a luxurious bubble bath, relaxed and drenched in care yet rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever challenges I’ve had with newfound knowing and support.”


~ Diane D., Bloomington, IL

With Shannon’s loving guidance I was finally able to break through the wall I had built around my heart. This is no easy process, and I’m grateful for her continued presence in my life. Not only do I feel a deep sense of self-love and inner peace on the heels of our time together, but through this work, I have been able to access creative energy that had long been dormant. In fact, I was inspired to write my memoir quite seamlessly last summer after a trip out to see her! Plans are in the works to publish within the year. Shannon is a beautiful mentor, coach, and guide.


~ Carrie E., Sarsasota, FL.

“I have worked with several life coaches, but no one reads me like Shannon. She has an uncanny way of knowing there’s something much deeper going on. Through her coaching methods, she teases out my limiting beliefs in a very sweet, kind, and thoughtful manner. I always see what feels like a problem in a new light with Shannon’s input. I love how she blends life coaching with her shamanic gifts. I always feel lighter after a coaching session with Shannon and more in touch with what the Universe wants for my higher self. “


~ Julie M. E., Kansas City, MO

“Shannon has led me in a one-on-one journey as well as a group journey. She is very knowledgeable in helping us release the past and explore the future in a protected environment. She is very nurturing and has a beautiful feminine energy about her. With her wise guidance, I felt so safe and loved during these experiences.”


~ Kay H., Raleigh, NC

“Shannon creates a beautiful container for self-discovery and healing.  Through her energy work, intake interview, intuition, and even magic she helps to create the exact experience that you need at that time.  I felt completely safe and well taken care of throughout my time with her.”


~ Sarah B., Santa Fe, NM