One Big Family 1

An omnipotent umbrella structure to modern life on planet earth

Toxic tentacles permeating every ounce of our consciousness

Like a thick coat of tar

Whether we are aware or not

Entangled, enmeshed, immersed

Devastating destroyer of family

And all that is sacred

Like a tapeworm in our brains,

to the core of our very being

the messages loop on auto play

Beliefs, trauma patterns, and DNA

Bring Manipulation, deceit, and greed

Jealousy, vengeance, and hate

All created from fear to keep us “safe”

They hold us hostage to the toxicity

Until we find the bravery, courage and will to face our destiny

through opening our hearts to the

fragile and deep dark places

So painful we medicate to escape

Until we’re guided by those that pour

A heaping behemoth dose of unconditional love into the sore

Miraculously illuminating the way

Our inner orca breeches

Out of the blinding, pitch black waters

Choosing life over death in physical form

Yet a thousand deaths lead us

To being reborn

In this very moment

Finally understanding that the entire patriarchal paradigm is fake

Based on betrayal and lies

with real consequences

Created to divide the human race

On the premise that all are not equal

Deserving of grace

It’s time dear ones to break the tape

that drives this story of annihilation

Take a breath, a pause and ask yourself

Is this this how I want to live

This one precious life of mine

What can I do to heal, change and shift

This ubiquitous paradigm that’s leading

Our world down like a sinking ship

Love, kindness, inclusion, and joy

Sharing , receiving and reciprocity

Value, Honor, and respect

Plus appreciation and gratitude

Are our greatest protection

Against the suppression

It only takes a moment to shift the trajectory

Inviting and allowing the

full expression of our divinity

For all the world to see

There is another way to say-to do – to be

We are one big family