Offerings to Soothe the Soul

I invite you to materialize the Most Amazing Version of YOU!


All of life is an initiation. The choreography of our higher selves is always, in collaboration with the Universe, working in our favor. And the signs are everywhere; all you have to do is look, listen, feel and participate. I invite you to take the reins and take charge of your life! Now, more than ever, it’s time to embrace and embody your soul’s purpose and integrate it across Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

I invite you to take the next bold step in your path to liberation. Everything you need to make this leap of faith already exists within you. In fact, you have an entire ecosystem of guides, ancestors, angels and masters who are ready and willing to support you beyond your wildest imagination. Now is the time to summon the courage and the strength to jump, and my promise is that you’ll land safely no matter what.

I invite you to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the path to intimacy, and intimacy is where the healing happens. Until you are willing to be fully vulnerable with all the parts of you, and allow that to be seen and witnessed in an intimate setting – you are living a lie. Hiding from the truth. Putting on a front. Trying to be something you’re not.

When our outer life is not in alignment with our inner life, we suffer and struggle to survive. But when we have full transparency, and we can be equally open in all areas of our life – we come into full alignment with ourselves. We replace surviving with thriving.

My commitment to you is that I provide a safe container and all the support and guidance you need to say yes to you! I invite you to allow yourself to be witnessed and held so you can transform into your most magnificent self. Join me on this magic carpet ride of joy, love, laughter and freedom!

Materialize with intention. Become the powerful co-creator that you came here to be. Be you, through and through to the very core of your being! You are free. Fly, Fly, Fly!

Our Offerings

Take The Reign

A 1:1 “upgrade your life” program to help you claim and embody your Sovereign Self. Spend 6 or 12 months with me by your side in getting all areas of your life together and in a forward-moving direction.  Don’t wait to “Take the Reign” and live your best life ever!


Ceremony and Ritual

From prayers and invocations, to using the elements, medicine wheels and nature to designing custom rituals, to hosting sacred circles, creating altars and energetic containers, we harness ancient energetic technologies to support you on your path of healing and transformation.


Energy Clearing and Healing

From Chakra tune ups to core trauma wounds, we cover all the bases in just seven sessions that will free you from old stories and energies that are keeping you stuck in emotional reaction and trauma patterns.


Exclusive Retreats

In any of our multi-day retreats, your backdrop is the beauty and inspiration of luxurious settings as you upgrade and learn new tools for navigating even the most complex life issues.


Experience Design

Coming soon!


“With Shannon, I’ve experienced a much more expedited way of working through things by really clearing out the noise and getting to the heart of issues.”
~ Lisa A., Santa Fe, NM

Join me in being a

living and joyful prayer.

~ Shannon Sathya Rose