Meet Shannon Sathya Rose

 Shannon’s journey is, in a nutshell, a quest for authenticity, healing and sovereignty.


Moments before she started the most important work of her life, her successful 25-year career in corporate strategy and marketing had culminated in the job of her dreams: Director of Strategy and Experience Design for Freeman, the largest producer of conferences and events in the country.

This was it, she thought. The pinnacle. The office was literally one block from her brilliantly designed and decorated condo in the heart of her beloved San Francisco. She loved the work; she loved the travel; she loved her colleagues and clients.

But each day was getting harder for her emotionally. And she struggled.

“I should have been deliriously happy. Why wasn’t I? More and more, I would find myself in the dark, alone. Depressed. Contemplating. Despite years of dating and a handful of promising relationships, they all ended in heartbreak. I kept coming back to the fact that I wasn’t with the partner or children I had dreamed of having since I was 5 years old. I didn’t have that happiness of family and togetherness that I had always craved.

“In my work, I was literally sitting across the table from some of the top executives in the world, guiding them in designing positivity and excitement and engagement—all the while, feeling that, in my life, something was really wrong. That I wasn’t lovable; that nobody would choose me; that I could never live into my greater purpose.

“The Shannon in my head and my heart didn’t match the Shannon others saw.  And I decided right then: No more double life.”

It was what became the first step in Shannon’s path to healing and spiritual exploration. She connected with some of the greatest teachers, shamans and gurus in the world to uncover the truth of her gifts—and the sources of her pain and suffering.  She discovered an intricate web of repressed memories, negative belief patterns and emotional reactivity caused by the severity of her early childhood traumas.

In her 6+-year journey, Shannon gave herself full permission to do whatever it took to find the love and life she had always dreamed of. She experienced the power of magnificence: Sometimes gut-wrenching; other times, beyond joyful and actual laugh-out-loud fun.  She met a beautiful and gifted partner and thought she had found the love of her life. Through that relationship, Shannon learned she was indeed lovable and capable of great love – both for others and herself. While the relationship ended in heartbreak, it was this heartbreak that opened her deeper into her path and initiation.

She discovered her soul’s calling as an intuitive coach and soul guide. By marshaling the forces of her soul-self, she found her whole self. 

Her clients agree. Today, Shannon combines her life experience, the discipline of her corporate background and her knowledge of energetic healing practices to enable self-explorers to discover joy and liberation, so they can unleash their full creative potential.  She literally holds a “medicine bag” of tools to assist her clients in bridging the practical with the mystical.

“In our journey to heal ourselves, we need to template others who are positively modeling the life we most desire. Through my immersive journey of healing, I’ve become a walking template for transformation.”

Shannon is uniquely trained and initiated in sacred energy and healing practices passed down to her through multiple traditions. Under the training and guidance of her multi-generational Peruvian Shaman and a multitude of global wisdom teachers, she utilizes ancient wisdom, universal energy principles, archetypes, trauma patterns as well as indigenous methods for setting safe containers to support her clients’ transformation.

Shannon began her extensive studies in healing and energy work in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. She is a Certified Kali Ki Reiki Master and Martha Beck Trained Life Coach.

She has studied with and continues to study with a variety of spiritual teachers, shamans, mystics, coaches and energy healers as the learning and knowledge in the field of human transformation is an ongoing passion of Shannon’s with a never-ending evolution.  These wisdom keepers include Vonetta Taylor, Mystic and Alchemist; Shiloh Sophia, Intentional Creativity; Tosha Silver, Author; Lynda Caesara and Norma Ramos, Advanced Energy School; and Shakti Durga, an international teacher of spiritual transformation.

In addition, Shannon has taken dozen of workshops and courses from a variety of global teachers including Roshi Joan Halifax, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Deepak Chopra, Shakti Durga, Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Lynn Twist, John Kabat Zinn, Dr. Robyn Benson, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Jane Latimer, Sandra Ingerman and Jack Kornfield.

Shannon has a B.A. in Journalism from Baylor University and M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University.

“Shannon is a gifted guide. She does a beautiful job of holding space for transformation. As a result of my work with her, I have developed a deeper understanding of myself…I am very grateful for this work and offer many thanks to Shannon.”

~ L.S. Santa Fe, NM