Meet Shannon

 Shannon’s journey is, in a nutshell, a quest for authenticity,

wholeness and sovereignty.


Shannon combines her life experience, the discipline of her corporate background and her knowledge of energetic healing practices to enable others to discover joy and liberation, so they can unleash their full creative potential.  She literally holds a “medicine bag” of tools to assist her clients in bridging the practical with the magical.  

“In our journey to heal ourselves, we need to template others who are positively modeling the life we most desire. Through my immersive journey of personal growth, I’ve become a walking template for transformation.”

Shannon is uniquely trained and initiated in sacred energy practices passed down to her through multiple traditions. Under the training and guidance of a multi-generational Peruvian Shaman and many global wisdom teachers, she utilizes ancient practices, universal energy principles, archetypes, and a deep understanding of behavior patterns for setting safe containers to support her clients’ transformation.

Shannon began her extensive studies in healing and energy work in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since. She is a Certified Kali Ki Reiki Master and Martha Beck Trained Life Coach.

She has studied with and continues to study with a variety of spiritual teachers, shamans, doctors, coaches and energy healers as the learning and knowledge in the field of human transformation is an ongoing passion of Shannon’s with a never-ending evolution. 

Shannon has a B.A. in Journalism from Baylor University and M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University.

“Shannon is a gifted guide. She does a beautiful

job of holding space for transformation.

I am very grateful for this work and

offer many thanks to Shannon.”

~ L.S. Santa Fe, NM