The word Maybe is on my mind. I find it a rather useless word. If you don’t have a clear yes or clear no then be brave enough to be honest and say – I don’t know or I need more time or can I get back to you by x date.

In a partnership or friendship or any important relationship – when someone keeps saying “maybe I’ll do x” or “maybe we can x” or “maybe in the future we will x” etc – my advice is call them on it.

In my experience – maybe is a tease, it gives false hope, it creates a way out without accountability and leads to disappointment. I find myself saying it out of habit – knowing that is an easy cop out. I’m watching my maybes and replacing with clear and honest responses.
When someone says maybe and you feel dismissed – speak up and ask for a clear response. Ask their intension. If they have a pattern of refusing or dancing around it – I would walk away and I have – just not a maybe kind if girl. Maybe may be slang for May it Be? Way different meaning. So many ways to use words – no maybe about it. Onward.