In a secret Hawaiian bay, covered in lava rocks
Ancients gathered, in sacred ritual and ceremony,
Honoring every flower, tree, leaf, sprig and grain of sand,
Recognizing the beauty in this divine land.

With faith, humanity’s spirit is restored,
And second, third, and fourth chances given,
Lessons taught by the relinquishment of possessions,
For nothing is lost, only gained in our journey.

In the innate knowing of our wholeness and holiness,
We find belonging in brother and sisterhood,
Compassion, the guiding force that unites us all,
With broken hearts healed, purpose is found.

As masters of love, we embrace,
Beacons of hope, spreading light wherever it desires,
With reverence, honor, gratitude, and pleasure,
We commit to a life of service each passing day.

May we become a pure vessel for the divine feminine,
Nurturing, caring, sharing, and modeling,
Using our gifts with bravery and courage
To heal the wounds that break us apart.

So we can all be sovereign, reigning over our lives,
Aware of the divine tapestry we weave,
Unified, may we value this precious existence
And know that we are infinitely blessed.