I had the unique and rare opportunity to support my friend Lissa Rankin at Esalen this past May.

For me, it was the gift of a lifetime to teach and hold space at such a world-renowned place for healing. I had not been there since 2012 as a student. Returning after all these years, and especially at this time, felt so renewing and regenerative. The participants were engaged and fully committed to sharing and receiving all the weekend had to offer. Several were healthcare professionals who have been on the front line of COVID and a few were recovering from serious health issues. Lissa led us flawlessly through her teachings and the various exercises. I’m deeply honored and humbled by this experience to witness the vulnerability and dedication it takes for each one of us to show up for ourselves and each other.

As many of you know, I’ve been on my own healing journey and this year marks my 7th year anniversary of embarking on this powerful, painful, heart-wrenching and beautiful path of self-discovery.

It felt appropriate to be celebrating my hard work while supporting others in their journey. I felt the presence of the ancestors, and especially my maternal grandfather, guiding and supporting us throughout the weekend. We all felt safe and held.

Plus the gift of being on sacred land with ancient tree spirits, hundreds of native plants in full bloom and natural hot springs on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean on a full moon Spring Equinox weekend – absolute perfection. It’s a pinch me moment and I bow in reverence to the wonder and awe of it all.