Energy Healings & Upgrades

From Chakra alignment to full body scans, we cover all the bases when it comes to upgrading your personal energy system. This includes releasing old stories that are keeping you stuck, freeing your body of discomfort and clearing your field of negativity.

Shannon will guide you with great care through an hour-long phone session to tune into your energy field and assess what’s up for you. We look at each chakra from the base up to the crown, as well as anything in between that shows up as “stuck” energy in your body.

These sessions will help feel lighter and get you moving in a positive direction.

No more feeling weighed down by other people’s energy.

• We clear discomfort and tension in your body.
• We remove feelings of being powerless.
• We align and attune your energy for maximum support.
• We release limiting beliefs so you can take action and move forward.

Clearing and removing trapped energy from your body and chakra system will provide immediate relief and the shifts necessary to make positive changes in your life.

Take advantage of Special Package Pricing for big savings.


7 Phone Sessions for $999 – This allows us to cover all 7 Charkas for a total energy body upgrade. 

3 Phone Sessions for $444 – This is a great way to begin and understand how energy healing works.

Single Sessions are $175 –  A single session is perfect for a quick reset to move forward. 

We understand this is a big investment. If you have questions or concerns before committing, please book a 30-minute consultation where we can discuss your specific needs, concerns, and desired outcomes. I will make a recommendation on the package that best suits your goals. 

The nominal consultation fee will be applied to any services/packages booked within 48 hours of your consultation.

“Shannon helps bring issues to light in a way that is caring and safe.  She walks you through a process that, at once, brings you peace – no matter how you are struggling or striving.  

You no longer have to be alone.”

Geni W. CPA, Author and Speaker

Join me in being a

living and joyful prayer

~ Shannon Sathya Rose