Energy Clearings & Healings

 From Chakra tune ups to energetic body scans, we cover all the bases when it comes to upgrading your energetic field. This includes releasing old stories that are keeping you stuck in overly emotional reactions, freeing your body of “mysterious” pains and clearing your field of negative, harmful toxins.

Shannon will guide you with great care through a 60-minute phone session to tune into your energy field and assess what’s up for you. We look at each chakra from the base up to the crown, as well as anything in between that shows up as “stuck” energy in your body.

These sessions will help lighten your load and get you back on track.

No more feeling weighed down by other people’s energy.

• We clear recurring pain in your body that doesn’t fall into a specific diagnosis.
• We remove any feeling of being powered over by other people.
• We align and attune your energetic field for maximum support.
• We release limiting mindsets so you can move forward and take action in your life.

Clearing and removing trapped energy from your body and chakra system will provide immediate relief plus the shifts necessary to make positive changes in your life.

Special Package Pricing Available Through Feb 28, 2023.


7 Phone Sessions for $999

3 Phone Sessions for $475

Value – Priceless!  


Are you ready to say yes?

Chakra Tune Up (7 Sessions)

Energy & Reiki Healing (3 Sessions)

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“Shannon set the tone for a loving, grounded connection between us as a couple. In one day with Shannon we made more progress than we did in over a year in couple’s therapy! Guided by her loving presence, we were able to connect to the true essence of our self and joint love. Working with Shannon is fun, transformational, and life/love changing.”
~ A.G. and C.G, Salt Lake City, UT

Join me in being a

living and joyful prayer

~ Shannon Sathya Rose