Energy Clearings & Healings

From Chakra tune-ups to core trauma wounds, we cover all the bases in just seven sessions that will free you from old stories and energies that are keeping you stuck in emotional reaction and trauma patterns.

What it is:

Guided 1:1, 60- minute sessions via phone to tune into your energy field and assess what’s up for you. We look at each chakra from the base up to the crown, as well as anything in between that shows up as “stuck” energy in your body.

Why you should come:

• You’re feeling weighed down by other people’s energy
• You have reoccurring pain in your body that doesn’t fall into a specific diagnosis
• You have a feeling powered over by other beings
• You know somethings not right with how you’re feeling, but you can’t put your finger on it.
• You want to be in alignment and attuned with your energetic field.
• You want to be free limiting mindsets so you can move forward and take action in your life

How it can work for you:

Clearing and removing trapped energy from your body and chakra system will change your life. These tune-ups and upgrades will provide the healing necessary to make positive changes in your life.

When it’s happening:

Private bookings

Package Pricing

7-Session Package starting at $1554



Are you ready to say yes?

“Shannon set the tone for a loving, grounded connection between us as a couple. In one day with Shannon we made more progress than we did in over a year in couple’s therapy! Guided by her loving presence, we were able to connect to the true essence of our self and joint love. Working with Shannon is fun, transformational, and life/love changing.”
~ A.G. and C.G, Salt Lake City, UT

Join me in being a

living and joyful prayer

~ Shannon Sathya Rose