I had the unique and rare opportunity to support my friend Lissa Rankin at Esalen this past May.

For me, it was the gift of a lifetime to teach and hold space at such a world-renowned place for healing. I had not been there since 2012 as a student. Returning after all these years, and especially at this time, felt so renewing and regenerative. The participants were engaged and fully committed to sharing and receiving all the weekend had to offer. Several were healthcare professionals who have been on the front line of COVID and a few were recovering from serious health issues. Lissa led us flawlessly through her teachings and the various exercises. I’m deeply honored and humbled by this experience to witness the vulnerability and dedication it takes for each one of us to show up for ourselves and each other.

As many of you know, I’ve been on my own healing journey and this year marks my 7th year anniversary of embarking on this powerful, painful, heart-wrenching and beautiful path of self-discovery.

It felt appropriate to be celebrating my hard work while supporting others in their journey. I felt the presence of the ancestors, and especially my maternal grandfather, guiding and supporting us throughout the weekend. We all felt safe and held.

Plus the gift of being on sacred land with ancient tree spirits, hundreds of native plants in full bloom and natural hot springs on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean on a full moon Spring Equinox weekend – absolute perfection. It’s a pinch me moment and I bow in reverence to the wonder and awe of it all.

Integrating Peak Experiences

Integrating Peak Experiences

When you hear the words plant medicine, what’s the first thing you think of? Is it herbal remedies that have been passed down for generations by our ancestors? Or is it connected to the mystical and visionary experiences associated with Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote and other psychedelic inducing plants? For me, it’s been the latter, and I’m only now starting to share more openly about my experiences with sacred plant teachers for my own healing and personal transformation.

I was first introduced to this alternative world in early 2015 and have been on a journey of exploration ever since – learning everything possible about my human self and my soul self – beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Plant medicines enlighten us with unique and rare experiences that provide insights and guidance for our soul’s journey on Earth. The information that comes through provides an expansive array of insights into who and why we’re here; however, they cannot “integrate” that information into our very beings – that we must do ourselves through thoughtful and practical interpretation of what we are shown in order to implement and activate the guidance for our best and highest good.

My intensive experience with these plant allies has provided me with the keys to my soul’s compass. These ancient teachers have revealed the mysteries of my soul’s journey across many lifetimes and gifted me with a map for navigating my current lifetime. Many of my journeys to the beyond were so magnificent that putting them into words can hardly do them justice. At the same time, I definitely had some horrifically painful travels that I wish I had been better prepared for prior to jumping into the deep end of this mystical pool.

As a result, one of the primary lessons I’ve learned is that integration is essential to incorporating these peak experiences into our everyday lives for real and lasting change. This invaluable process will make an impact for years to come. And for this reason, I’ve become deeply focused on my own integration as well as supporting others as an intuitive guide and coach.

I will share more in future posts about specific experiences as it becomes more comfortable for me to do so. In the meantime, if you’re feeling the urge to explore this world for your own healing and evolution process, I’d like to invite you to an open access online event – The Plant Spirit Summit – May 23-29, 2022 – where I’ll be a panelist on the subject of Integration and How to be an Integration Provider that’s Safe, Qualified, and Good. This panel is scheduled for 12:00 PM on Tuesday, May 24th.

Join me and 90+ experts and community leaders in a series of bold, inquisitive conversations about the expansion of plant medicines and what we, as a community, can and need to do in order to ensure equity and inclusion for all…

Register now at no cost!

The Plant Spirit Summit, led by Lorna Liana, CEO of EntheoNation, Host of the Plant Spirit Summit & Founder of the Plant Spirit School, is a community-oriented event that celebrates ancestral wisdom and indigenous perspectives while exploring the complexities, nuances, and challenges arising from the mainstreaming of psychedelics.

This event promises to be a lively and educational resource for all things related to Plant Medicine and will address many hot topics including:

Can psychedelics heal the world? Or is the promise of a world made better through the widespread use of psychedelics… merely a grand delusion?

Will psychedelic medicine end up under the control of Big Pharma and venture capitalists? Or will decriminalization ensure that psychedelic healing remains accessible to all?

If you’re curious about plant medicine or looking for support in integrating your personal experiences, please reach out to schedule a free consultation with me, and we can explore how I can best support you on your path of healing and transformation.


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You’re Valuable

You’re Valuable

A lifetime of carefully curated possessions
stacked neatly along the bare white walls of the
multi-functional second bedroom screams
out to its owner – YOU ARE VALUABLE.

You see, they say, you are in each and every one of us.
Paintings and prints from various travels scattered about,
poured over photo albums you spent hours organizing,
enough stationary and cards to write letters to eternity
something she often thinks of doing, but rarely ever does.

As she stares more deeply into her hodgepodge
of possessions, an eclectic theme emerges.
Among the plastic bins, cardboard boxes and
shabby chic furniture ala Target, she sees for the first time,
her attachment to her beloved trinkets, tchotchkes and totems.

You’re pretty. Says her vintage 1950s lamp, with its hour glass figure
and pale pink shade.
You’re elegant. Says her art nouveau Tiffany style
lamp with a mermaid base.
You’re free. Says her 1960s trunk covered in peace signs.
You’re smart. Says the boxes of work papers and business cards.
You’re seen. Says the black and white sketch of herself by a guy named Thor.
You’re loved. Says all the photos, journals and jewels.

YOU ARE VALUABLE. Says all the things staring back at her.
You don’t need us to remind you of that.
You don’t need us.  Let us go.  Clear space.

Now, go make art, says the 36-count box of sharpies.
Her latest purchase sitting on top of it all.