In a Secret Hawaiian Bay

In a Secret Hawaiian Bay

In a secret Hawaiian bay, covered in lava rocks
Ancients gathered, in sacred ritual and ceremony,
Honoring every flower, tree, leaf, sprig and grain of sand,
Recognizing the beauty in this divine land.

With faith, humanity’s spirit is restored,
And second, third, and fourth chances given,
Lessons taught by the relinquishment of possessions,
For nothing is lost, only gained in our journey.

In the innate knowing of our wholeness and holiness,
We find belonging in brother and sisterhood,
Compassion, the guiding force that unites us all,
With broken hearts healed, purpose is found.

As masters of love, we embrace,
Beacons of hope, spreading light wherever it desires,
With reverence, honor, gratitude, and pleasure,
We commit to a life of service each passing day.

May we become a pure vessel for the divine feminine,
Nurturing, caring, sharing, and modeling,
Using our gifts with bravery and courage
To heal the wounds that break us apart.

So we can all be sovereign, reigning over our lives,
Aware of the divine tapestry we weave,
Unified, may we value this precious existence
And know that we are infinitely blessed.


The Rise of the Sea Goddess

The Rise of the Sea Goddess

The Rise of the Sea GoddessLooking out to the infinite horizon she covers mother earth in deep shades of blues, greens and turquoise reflecting the almighty father sun. She is the Goddess VaDah….a symphony of stillness, annihilation and everything in between. When she’s hungry she devours the shores climbing the rocks and cliffs with a wide open mouth like a snake feeding on its kill. Her energy moves in swirls of white pools, angry and aggressive above the surface then diving underneath with the grace of a ballerina forming patterns of hearts as she contracts and expands. She baths, feeds and shelters an ecosystem of life going back to the beginning of no beginning. She effortlessly cradles creatures weighing 200 tons and those as small 20 nanometers…she loves them all unconditionally.

An underworld rich with buried treasures, sunken ships and ancient ruins she offers endless exploration. Predators and prey play a game of hide and seek in her crevices. Without her there is no life…yet none are immortal. As calmly and peacefully as she co-exists among all of life…when provoked she devours entire civilizations as her infinite being rises hundreds of feet into the sky to consume whatever stands in her way. Her power marries with the gale-force winds and rain draining and sucking the dark forces into her belly. She gives generously only after abundantly consuming and receiving what’s required for herself.

Lilacs and Ladybugs

Lilacs and Ladybugs

Like an old friend on autodial, she drops into the exquisite scent of her childhood. The sweet smell of lilac fills her senses as she’s mesmerized by the dozens of ladybugs who have made her mother’s lilac bushes their home.  She lifts her hand to the flowers and invites the tiny creatures to crawl through her fingers and up her arms. Imprinting her young body with the map to the joyful, innocence of her childhood.

She recalls a casual Saturday afternoon walking up Divisidero street in San Francisco a few years ago.  A well-traveled street lined with dive bars reminiscent of the 60s along with hipster toast and coffee cafes, yoga studios and trendy restaurants.  She notices a bright red sign across the street, “Everlasting Tattoo.”  Time stops.  She stops. Intuition leads her to the entrance. THIS tattoo has been brewing for 25 years – ever since that first time she and her best friend Kate walked into a place on 6th street in Austin completely full of themselves only to chicken out when needle hit the skin.

More visits to tattoo parlors over the years felt like an exercise of the forbidden fruit. A well-tuned voice of protestant programming and self-judgement left her inkless.  This visit didn’t hear any of those voices.  Only truth.  She knew, without judgement or permission, this tattoo was waiting for her.  It had only recently come to her.  A lilac flower with a ladybug sitting on its leaf.

This divine appointment guided her to the faithful reminder of a five-year-old’s bliss. Olivia listened as she described her request and effortlessly designed the delicate template.  Unbelievable. Her eyes burned with tears admiring its beauty – even more so than she expected.  Gracefully, this flower of a woman covered in Goddesses went to work on her lower right calf.  Time stopped again.  No pain what-so-ever.  Nothing but delight filled her trembling heart as she laid there in silent appreciation.

And any day that she feels the loneliness or desperation or pain creep in, she looks down at her leg and the soft purple pedals with the noble ladybug sitting on a bright green leaf.  She softens as she follows the map to her child-like innocence with only compassion and love.