Create a Way Forward

Investing in yourself is the greatest return on investment there is.


Finding what’s truly meaningful in life. Fulfilling impossible dreams. Discovering the laughter, joy and connection you deserve. With the right guide, you will find everything you seek. All Sathya Rose experiences are wrapped in Shannon’s own powerful and positive—and personal—energy that helps others clear the negative residue from lifelong limiting patterns and belief systems.


Meet Shannon

Intuitive Coach, Facilitator and Guide

Shannon’s lifelong commitment to her own personal healing led her to work with many of the world’s most gifted spiritual healers and teachers. As part of this in-depth journey, she discovered her life’s purpose: To work with others; to help clear energetic blocks, and painful residue. This can help to re-frame lifelong behavior patterns and emotional reactivity in profound and life-changing ways.


Our Offerings

Take The Reign

A 1:1 “upgrade your life” program to help you claim and embody your Sovereign Self. Spend 6 or 12 months with me by your side in getting all areas of your life together and in a forward-moving direction.  Don’t wait to “Take the Reign” and live your best life ever!


Energy Clearing and Healing

From Chakra tune ups to energetic body scans, we cover all the bases when it comes to upgrading your energetic field. This includes releasing old stories that are keeping you stuck in overly emotional reactions, freeing your body of “mysterious” pains and clearing your field of negative, harmful entities.


Exclusive Retreats

In any of our multi-day retreats, your backdrop is the beauty and inspiration of luxurious settings as you upgrade and learn new tools for navigating even the most complex life issues.


Experience Design

We create one-of-a-kind experiences with the intention of leading participants through an alchemical journey of conscious mental health and wellness exploration. Each experience is designed to up-level awareness in order to gain relevant insights that support healing and transformation.



The universe invites you into your best life at every step. You only have to say yes.
This principle is at the core of the personal transformational work you’ll do with Shannon. She’s here to help you release from any power struggles with painful memories, and lean into a new way of being.



The universe will reward you
for taking risks on its behalf.
~ Shakti Gawen




I had the unique and rare opportunity to support my friend Lissa Rankin at Esalen this past May....

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